Field Services

OWC's fleet and crew are fully equipped to make on-site service calls, whether it be for certified welding, industrial machinery repair, general installations, or heavy equipment repairs. Our vast experience working with customers such as general contractors, power generation facilities, manufacturing plants, and many more means that you can count on OWC to deliver the best quality, cost-effective service in the region.


The Fleet

We are committed to providing end-to-end services for our customers, and we have built a fleet capable of delivering on that commitment. Our service trucks are all mounted with diesel-fueled welders/ generators that deliver all of our AC and DC power needs. Fully stocked toolboxes ensure that we have all the hand tools necessary to complete any welding, grinding, cutting, drilling, or demolition jobs.


Core Field Services

  • Certified structural and pipe welding
  • Stud welding
  • Steel erection and demolition
  • General industrial maintenance
  • Carbon arc gouging

Example Solutions

  • Manufacturing machinery repair
  • Stair/ ladder/ railing installation and repair
  • Platform and housing installation and repair
  • Industrial safety guard installation and repair
  • Roof truss setting