Our Story


What started in 1980 for a 16 year old trade school student has grown into one of the most respected welding, fabrication, and on-site service companies of the Blackstone Valley and beyond. 

Ed O'Leary went full time in 1982, repairing anything worth fixing (and some things that weren't) with an ancient Lincoln welder he towed behind his F100 pickup. 

Since then, OWC has developed into a full-service welding, fabrication, and maintenance shop, servicing customers all over New England in the power generation, manufacturing, building construction, and earth moving businesses.

By keeping an experienced crew, up to date equipment, a fully stocked shop, and site-service trucks, Karen, Ed, and now Tim O'Leary focus on quality and reliability. Join the thousands of customers who have been getting their money's worth for over 35 years!


In a recent Boston Voyager article, Tim O'Leary was interviewed and talks about the history, daily operations and future of the company.